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“If you have any hesitancy about seeing Dr. Barnett for facial surgery, forget it. He will instantly put you at easy with his exuberant love of his profession, and genuine, disarming interest in his patients. All my fears flew out the window the moment I met him. Dr. Barnett is a brilliant surgeon, and my results are so natural (yet, of course, better than “natural”!) It was finally time to stop relying on Botox and fillers. There is only so much they can do! Dr. Barnett alleviated any fears I had about surgery, and does nothing but engender trust. I am so happy with my results. He listened to my needs, more so than any doctor in the past, and answered any of my repeated concerns. He is honestly patient, curious and skilled to such an extent, he makes it look easy. I am a life-long patient. Thank you, Dr. B!”
“I had an issue on my face that needed to be lanced. My regular doctor wouldn’t touch it and told me he was worried that he would leave a scar. I fortunately found Dr. Barnett, who very skillfully took care of the problem. There is no scar whatsoever. He cut on a very visible part of my face and you cannot see a scar. Amazing! He also has a kind & compassionate bedside manner. It’s clear that he cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Barnett!”

~Judy Couto
He is the best. Amazing bed side manner and I can tell he truly cares about his patients.

~Svetlana Jarrell
I had a previous nose job, which I was not happy with, I could hardly breathe, and was not happy at all with the outcome, being of the black race, most tend to have a wider nose, I was referred to Dr. Barnett. From the time I stepped into his office he treated me as if I had known him all my life, he was the best, he is friendly, has a wonderful smile, makes you feel at ease and told me that he would take care of everything. I am so happy with my nose, I can breathe and it looks wonderful.

Dr. Barnett is a perfectionist. I could not be happier with his work. I tell everyone he’s a magician because he does miracle work. He exceeded my expectations.

Just when you think caring physicians no longer exist, you meet Dr. Barnett. He cares and is passionate in what he does and does it very well. I’ve had a couple of procedures done and I’m thrilled with the results. I recommend him to all of my friends and family for both ENT and Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Richard Barnett is a wonderful Doctor and Surgeon

I was sent for a consult with Dr. Barnett because my eye had drooped and eye brows fallen to the point I could hardly see out of one eye. When he examined me, he explained what I needed done and surgery was scheduled within a month or so. He wa able to correct the problem and make me look better at the same time. He is cordial, informative and very caring about his patients.
This Doctor was great and the surgery/recovery process was incredibly smooth! Dr. Barnett always answered all of my questions and seemed genuinely concerned about my well-being
Dr. Barnett is nothing short of amazing! He genuinely cares about his patients and leaves a lasting positive effect on his patients. I use to hide from a camera and was one of the most self conscious women you would ever meet. After having a reconstructive rhinoplasty preformed by Dr. Barnett, I am one of the most outgoing women you will ever meet. I no longer hide from the camera either! My self confidence is through the roof! Dr. B was able to go behind another surgeon and a childhood injury and repair all of the damage. You absolutely can not go wrong with him as your surgeon!

~Karen Mac
This is the one!!
Dr. Richard Barnett is the nicest, friendliest, most caring, knowledgeable, professional Doctor that I have ever been to. I went to Dr. Barnett because I had a major problem with my face and he tackled the problem head on. I am now on my way to recovery. His receptionist Dianna is a sweetheart and very efficient. My prayers have been answered.

~L. Anderson
There are no amount of words I could write in this review to express the amount of professional, amazing, and caring treatment I received from Dr. Barnett. He performed a very risky surgery removing a Tumor from my jaw area. The skill needed to carefully separate the facial nerves without causing facial paralysis is a skill not held by many surgeons, and Dr. Barnett executed the task perfectly. Not only did he do a flawless job at removing a difficult tumor, but he did an amazing job with hiding the incision and making the scar nearly impossible to notice. Combine his skills with his friendly, and caring nature and you just couldn’t ask for a better Doctor. His staff is caring and great with communication and the office is never crowded so you get a very personal and private experience, unlike other offices that herd in as many patients as possible. When looking for a Facial surgeon with experience in both facial, and an ENT background there’s not another doctor to consider. Dr. Barnett is more than a Surgeon… He’s a blessing to his patients. I’d give him 10 stars if google would let me.

~J. Brown
I was referred to Dr. Barnett by my ENT who recommended a septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction after a lifetime of dealing with sinus issues. I’d heard results were often gratifying, even life changing, but the horror stories of surgery and recovery were making it hard to take that leap of faith. I met with Dr. Barnett and after talking with him for a short time I felt very comfortable that I wanted this procedure done with him. Side note… if I had to recover for two weeks anyway I asked about the mini lift procedure. Had both done 10 days ago. I already love my results. Couple of less than pleasant nights but nothing unbearable. All the horrible stuff I read… maybe they just didn’t have the right doc. Thank you Dr. Barnett!

~S. Landsberg
Dr. Barnett and his staff (Dianna and Shannon and Lynette) are very caring and professional. I am extremely pleased with the excellent care I received and the results from my in office surgery are simply amazing!!!

~L. Van Dyke
A great experience and an excellent staff!
Dr Barnett is a natural at what he does, no need to go to the big city. You have the best right here. I had the mini lift and was so pleased went back to do my eyes WOW he is awesome!!

~C. Turner
Dr. B,
Thank you for my new and improved self!!! I look just like ME but haven’t seen her in years in the mirror! Such a gift!But mostly, thank you for your care and concern and more importantly, for sharing your incredible talent! It’s like the “Fountain of Youth” at your fingertips with NO anesthesia! Such dedication to your art…. Always grateful and will “pass it on”! Several friends plan to come in for their consults!
All the best to you and Dianna(she has always been such a “doll”!)

Sincerely, Pam